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    Thursday, January 27, 2011
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Red Devil


It's almost officially summer, but here in the Valley IT FEELS LIKE IT!  Why heat up your kitchen???  Enjoy a cool, relaxing evening out at your local Red Devil Restaurant.  Or, take a day or weekend trip up to the 'cool country' of Pinetop and enjoy our Red Devil Restaurant there!  Stay cool everyone!

Holiday Party Time!

Have you called Red Devil for your holiday party needs?  WE DO CATERING!  Why not relax and let US do the cooking?  You KNOW you want to, so call us!

School Assignment...

A class at Larry C. Kennedy school had an assignment - to write a letter to a local business, asking that business to donate money to their school library for new books.  The class chose Red Devil Restaurant and we donated $500.  We were so honored to have been chosen!  Here are some of the great letters we received...

Champions Eat at Red Devil!

Congratulations Auburn Tigers for winning the National Championship! 

And we thank the Auburn cheer squad for this fantastic autographed picture and for stopping by Red Devil to eat the best Italian food in the Valley!  


Did you know that Red Devil has an online retail shop? There’s lots of cool stuff including:

  • t-shirts (with the MOST AWESOME sayings on them!)
  • hats
  • pens
  • water bottles
  • pizza cutters
  • pot holders
  • kids aprons

And we’ve just added the most amazing, custom, hand painted “bottles of art” – created by a local artist especially for you! 

So visit the RED DEVIL TEAM SHOP and pick up some fantastic Red Devil items – for yourself or as gifts for someone else!

Here’s the link to our shop:

Happy shopping and, as always, we appreciate your business!

Another New Year!

Well, January has begun.  How many of you made a resolution for 2011?  How many of you are keeping it so far?  Usually my resolution has something to do with exercising/losing weight.  This year, my resolution is to organize my home and office.  I was given a scanner organizer for Christmas to help me with this gigantic task.  I don’t even know how to hook it up so now have to enlist help from someone with technical skills!  ANOTHER thing on my To Do list!


Organizing my “life” sounds like a major task, but already this week I’ve been simplifying, organizing, cleaning out junk, etc.  Mind you, I don’t work on it every day, but I am making progress and that is what counts, right?  And I will persevere until it’s finished!


If you made a resolution this year, all of us at Red Devil Restaurant wish you success! 



Thanksgiving is a time for being together with family and friends.  It’s a time to enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, parades, and football.  And it’s a time to be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives.

I remember (years ago!) the guys who worked at Red Devil at that time, would play football on Thanksgiving morning every year – dubbed the “Turkey Bowl.” They would meet at a local park and play full tackle football with NO pads!  Crazy!  (I’m sure some of you out there are thinking “Yeahhhh!”)  And yes, there was always at least one injury… a crushed ankle, a bloody mouth… you get the picture!  But it was a time for all of us who worked together to have fun together, and the injuries were temporary.  And even though it wasn’t expressed through spoken words, we were thankful for each other, and for the restaurant owners, who had chosen to be closed for a day so we could spend that time together and then later in the day enjoy time with our individual families too. 

We want to take this opportunity to give thanks… for 50 years of being in business, and for you - our friends and customers! 

What stories, serious or amusing, do you remember from past Thanksgiving holidays? 



Let me start out by telling you that I’ve been a Red Devil Restaurant fan for quite a long time.  Back in the 70’s, the restaurant was open until 2:00 AM and I remember coming into eat “dinner” with my friends at 1:45 in the morning!  This became a tradition for us.  And Red Devil Restaurant is all about family, friends, and traditions.


Traditions usually hold deep meaning and significance for us.  Traditions help people feel a sense of identity and belonging.  They “connect” us with the past, and often provide a sense of security as we continue them into the future. 


Here’s one of mine...  My grandmother was an excellent cook, and one of the regulars at every event was her famous potato rolls – a lightly sweetened dough topped with melted butter and powdered sugar.  In 1979, she gifted me with a handmade book of her special recipes.  How excited I was, for her potato roll recipe was on the first page!  As I started to read the recipes, however, I found things like, “cook until done.”  What???  I thought it might be difficult for me to make these rolls with instructions like that, so I called my aunt who had made the rolls many times.  She walked me through the process, and then told me a little secret that, of course, my grandmother had actually left out of the recipe altogether!  The rolls had to be “touching,” or connected to each other for the last rising period before baking, or they wouldn’t rise!  It reminded me of our family - that even though we were separated by many miles, we still needed to “connect” with each other.  And every time I make the “famous” potato rolls, all of the special times, when our family was together and we enjoyed those delicious rolls, come flooding back – and happiness washes over me.


Don’t have a tradition of your own?  Then start one!  Tradition can play a vital part in binding people together and developing strong relationships.  Every tradition started with someone just like you or me!


We’d love to hear about a tradition of yours.  What does it mean to you?  What memories does it bring to mind?  Share it with us! 










Specials By Location

31st St. & Mcdowell

ROASTED PEPPER & ARTICHOKE STUFFED CHICKEN: Half-pound chicken breast, stuffed with artichokes and roasted red peppers, topped with provolone and covered with a delicious sauce. Served over your choice of pasta and soup or salad, and fresh bread - $15.99. SIX CHEESE PIZZA: A cheese lover's dream! Layers of two kinds of mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, romano, and parmesan cheese. Large $15.99, Medium $12.99, Small $7.99.

30th St. & Bell

BISTECCA DI GORGONZOLA: An 8 oz. bistro fillet served over gorgonzola gnocchi, seasonal vegetables topped with caramelized onions and a red wine au jus. Served with soup or salad. $15.99

83rd Ave & Union Hills

FIRECRACKER SHRIMP: Beer battered shrimp tossed in a sweet & spicy chili sauce - $6.99. STRAWBERRY CREAM PIE: A play on strawberries and cream! Whole fresh strawberries on top of house-made cream cheese pie, topped with whipped cream - $3.99 per slice.


April Specials - $11.79 each. SWEET & SPICY PORK MEDALLIONS: Tender pork with raspberry chipotle sauce and served with sweet potato fries. PORK PICATTA: 8 oz. pork medallions sauteed together with onions, capers, garlic, tomatoes, butter and topped with lemon slices and your choice of pasta! And introducing our HOT PASTRAMI SANDWICH at $9.99: Fresh, grilled pastrami on a soft submarine roll, 1000 island dressing, grilled sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese. Served with french fries.

Southern & Mill

Special #3